Delta Technology: Tools, Molds, and Dies for the Plastic Thermoforming Industry

Founded in 1992, Delta Technology provides a turnkey approach spanning product development, prototyping, tool design, and production tooling fabrication. Specializing in tooling for thin gauge food packaging running in roil-fed in-line thermoforming machines. Delta can take your project from initial concept to production on time and within budget.

  • Machined Aluminum Cavities and Plug Assists
  • Mold Bases and Mold Plates
  • Quick Change Systems for Cavities and Plugs
  • Single Cavity Prototype Tools through Wide Bed Molds
  • Mold Cavity & Mold Bed Refurbishing
  • Match Metal Punches and Dies
  • Segmented, Individual, and one-piece Die Plates
  • Trim Tools for Perimeter Cutting, Side Wall Venting, Slotting, and Scoring
  • Stripper Plates, Ejector Systems, Cone Locators
  • Trim Tool Maintenance and Repair

From product concept, prototyping and tooling, through implementation and production - the Delta team delivers.